Does my bum look big in this?

I love this pair of linen shorts. I know it makes me look like I got humongous hips but I don't care. It's such a fun pair of shorts. I recently found this in my closet. I swear I really need to start cleaning out my closet to rediscover my clothes. I'm pretty sure I have tons of other great finds in there that have been buried deep within.
penshoppe grey henley tee, Z2 khaki linen shorts, hdy sandals, brown leather bag from a bazaar

3 said something:

  1. That's the best kind of shopping there is! Rediscovering something (especially if it was tight before you forgot about it, and now it's loose) is delightful - and free... K

  2. i love these shorts!!! you're lucky to have those. (love your hair and bag and overall style, too :) i'm going to add you to my blogroll...

    you were just featured in the wardrobe remixers of the week, right? i recognize that earlier photo of you. congrats!

  3. k.line: i know what you mean! shopping in your closet is quite a fun activity for a broke person like me!

    dreamecho: thank you. very glad that you like my blog. i'm just starting to rediscover blogging.

    i really did not know that i was featured for the wardrobe remixers of the week. that was quite a nice surprise. :)



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