Bye Bye Pretty Shoes

I am obsessed with ebay right now. I like to watch tons of stuff even though I know I won't be able to afford them. I saw this really pretty vintage oxfords up for bid for US$54.99 with a buy it now price of US$64.99. It's quite pricey for a pair of vintage shoes in my opinion but it's really really pretty and perfect! I was even thinking of getting it. I was just waiting for the person to reply on how much shipping would be to the Philippines but to my dismay someone bought the pretty oxfords today. Oh well, just my luck. I guess those pretty shoes are not meant for me. Dumdumdum.
Topshop cardigan, Pink Printed Dress, Bazaar Brown Leather Bag, Brown Ankle Boots, Strawberry Necklace

2 said something:

  1. I love that dress! Just beautiful!

  2. Hi! I adore your fashion style and most especially your shoes! I just started "window shopping" on ebay and I would like to know other great sellers that sells great stuff. I hope you can help me out. :)



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