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Yesterday my sister and I decided to clean our room. I swear if you see our room it looks like a huge dumping ground. Clothes, bags and shoes dumped all over. Well, I got to clear out some stuff and I found quite a few gems that I totally forgot I got plus my room look a little bit cleaner. It's still full of stuff but we just got to have a little more free space to walk on. Hahaha.
Black drape top, Topshop taupe tank, Vintage bubble skirt, Vintage espadrilles lace up sandals, Taupe hobo bag

5 said something:

  1. whoa! a compliment from a fellow filipina who happen's to be one of the most fashionable, not to mention most courageous dressers in the philippines, that's the ultimate compliment for me. many many thanks lloyda!=)

  2. Just wanted to say cute blog, like your style!

  3. cute shoes! love it! and, my room is a huge dumping ground too, once in two weeks..and it takes hours to clean it back to normal..i ussually did it at you know, my working hours, didnt allowed me to do it at weekdays:)

  4. Mej: hahaha. thanks for the compliment too.

    b: thanks!

  5. helvetica: thank you! hahaha. i know it's easier if only i have a huge closet so i could just dump the clothes in there and not over my room.



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