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As you might have notice I do have a penchant for shoes. I buy them more than I buy other fashion items. My boyfriend keeps pointing out that I only have a pair of feet what do I need loads of shoes for?!?! I keep telling him that a girl can never have too many shoes. Am I right? It's the little Imelda Marcos in all of us. Hahaha!
top l-r: Zara TRF grey high heeled oxfords, Zara brown leather sandals, H&M divided brown huaraches
middle l-r: Staccato black patent cut out sandals, Tan ankle booties, Black bondage pumps
bottom l-r: Tan suede flats, H&M divided moccasin booties, Shelleys brown leather thongs

3 said something:

  1. Oh my god, you lucky lady! All of those shoes are fantastic, especially the moccasin booties and the cut out oxfords.

    And a girl can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes.

  2. great taste in shoes lloyda! i absolutely love everything. those tan ankle booties are just mesmerizing me right now.

  3. Wendy: Yeah lucky indeed. I love it when I go shopping with the mothership. She pays for everything!

    Mej: Thank you. I simply love shoes!!!



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