tough hoof boots

these hoof booties are quite torture to walk in if you’ll be walking all day but they are marvelous style wise! i’m quite tall today thanks to the added height these boots gave me. hahaha.
i got these booties on sale from victoria’s secret. they costs $99 from $170. of course i have to pay for the shipping and taxes. but i think the total ain’t bad for these babies! hahaha. i saw these up for bidding on ebay and the bidding starts from $399! eeeeeep! that’s too expensive! i’s quite happy i got these coz i’ve been salivating over the balenciaga’s of mary kate olsen. yeah these are the rip off version of those. i know! i can’t afford the real thing mind you. i am not a millionaire.
Giordano black nylon jacket, Topshop grey tank, Uniqlo skinny jeans, Sam Edelman for Victoria's Secret hoof boots

6 said something:

  1. I want those boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i envy you... *weeps*

  2. whoa. the ones in ebay have become way too expensive. ;( do you know where else i can purchase those boots?

  3. Diana: I'm so happy that I was able to get them.

    Wendy: I know!!!

    Mej: I haven't got a clue where else to find these boots aside from ebay. I'm sorry. Wish I could help.

  4. thanks lloyda. ohwell, i would've had a hard time debuting it to the outside world anyway (i buy heels but end up wearing flats all the time) haha! i love those boots on you! i hope you wear them often ;) i envy that you can wear them cos i have to have lots of courage to pull them off. the amazonian height it adds really just attracts so much (hmm unwanted?) attention it scares me. :S

  5. Mej: you're welcome. thanks. i guess it just take a whole lot of guts to wear these boots out. people often stare at people who wear something different from the norm. i'm used to it. hahaha.



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