bubble plaid crazy

Arg! I need to finisg something today but my computer is acting up! It is so frustrating. I'm just taking a little break or else I'll smash this crazy computer of mine into pieces! Hahaha. I'm not really a violent person. Honest! I'm just getting really frustrated as I am running out of time with this project. the boss need it tonigh. Must finish...

Tomato plaid bubble dress, vintage leggings I got from my mum

4 said something:

  1. that dress is too special, i have a similar one from h&m and wish i could wear it more often as i love that king of pattern on dresses. you look fab as always

  2. Fashion-DiscipleXXX: thank you! i love h&m! i wish we have h&m here.

  3. Fashionista: thank you dear!



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