cage gladiator boots

So, I finally got these babies yesterday after waiting for them to get here for about a month or so. Ordered them off from Ebay last February. Sometimes our postal service can be so slow in bringing in the mail. I am quite happy with them. My aunt told me that my shoes look like it's from the time of Jesus and that Holy Week's over. Hahaha. I just told her that since it is already summer I can't wear my boots anymore so I'll wear my gladiator boots!
Fozzy dress, Silly cuff, Giordano black bag, Urban Original gladiator boots

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  1. Cute stuff. Hey I have a question. You always wear your hair down in your photos? Do you have pierced ears?

  2. I so want a pair of those but i'm scared they will make look shorter, but thier too fab. That gress is the shizz love the print
    Please have a look at my blog as I have tagged you, I’m not sure if you have been tagged before or not.

  3. Anonymous: Yes, I have pierced ears.

    Fashion-DiscipleXXX: thanks for tagging me. I haven't been tagged yet.

  4. great gladiator boots you combine it well with the dress

  5. yayyyy!!!!!! looks great on you!! :D

  6. fruchtzwerg & diana: thank you!

  7. Hey! I've been lusting over that gladiator boots on ebay! I was just wondering, what size are you? I'm scared of buying shoes online and get the wrong size. US shoe size is different in Philippine size, right?

  8. helvetica: thanks dear!

    tina: hi! i'm a size 35 to 36 here. my shoe size in the us ranges from size 5.5 to 6. i got the size 6 from ebay and it fits perfectly. they do have size measurement there, you might want to check your shoe measurement first to see what size to order.

  9. hi honey, i love love ur gladiators.. soocool!!

  10. jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR: thanks!!!

    WendyB: thanks dear! :)



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