ug.. it is too hot & humid

Summer is really here. They say the temperature is as high as 42oC. Ugh... the aircons are turned on to high and it is still hot!!! Went to a kids birthday party yesterday. The kids are really just too damn cute! Had fun eating those typical kids food of b-b-q, spaghetti, mini hamburgers, hotdogs and ice cream! yummy!

I was suppose to be wearing my new playsuit to the party but decided to change the last minute into a mini dress. I did the right thing coz when I got to the party there are 2 ladies wearing the exact same playsuit I was suppose to wear! Phew! It would be really funny with us 3 guests wearing the same outfit. It looks like we are going to perform! Hahahaha. One of the girl is a friend of mine and she's so cute 'coz she tapped the girl wearing the same outfit as hers and told her "Nice outfit."
Printed mini dress, Nine West metallic bejeweled sandals

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  1. whatt??42c?? crazy weather you have there! i prefer a short and a tank top for daily wear if i was you..nice dress, i like it! but, how come there are 2 girls wearing the same as yours??yes, your friend is cute tapping the other girl..hahaha

  2. halvetica: yeah! i know. does it turn that hot in indonesia? i'm wearing tee & shorts right now in fact. i think the dress was more party appropriate outfit that's why i decided to wear it. oh, i was talking about this playsuit i got from a local chain store that the 2 girls are wearing. :)

  3. hahaha ic ic..
    no, its not that hot in here..about 32c..and i could die roasted if the temperature goes 42.

  4. Oh what a cute dress :). I really really like it ^^. You look so much like summer!

  5. cool print honey.., i soo envy ur skinny jophours (did i spell that right?).. ha..ha.. but u look fab in those pants..

  6. i can totally relate lloyda! i'm usually spotted wearing shorts nowadays like the couple thousand girls probably also dying from the scorching heat of our tropical sun. ;P

  7. i loveee your dress.
    where is it from?

    great blog :)

  8. Nadine: thank you dear. yeah it is summer in my country already. well it is hot all year round but this summer is really hot that you want to go head out to the beach!!!

    jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR: thank you. oh i love jodhpurs. i got a couple more from the last zara sale. i guess nobody here wants to buy them.

    WendyB: thank you.

    mej: hahaha! i know. everyone is in full summer gear nowadays!

    jenny h.: thanks! i forgot where i got the dress from but most probably i got it from a local bazaar or from those multiply sellers.

  9. the dress reminds me so much of the gucci collection (spring-summer 2008)! It was one of my favorites with white, black and yellow as main colors. Makes it statement-like dress code for summer!

  10. kpriss: yellow, black, white is a perfect colour combo for summer! :)



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