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I envy those who have a big closet space. I don't have one. I'm running out of space to place my clothes into. Hahaha. I really do think that I need to start cleaning out my closet and give away the clothes I do not wear anymore. The thing is i am a pack rat. I have the tendency to keep everything. I'll bet you that I still have my old clothes like when I'm 12 or something.

What I wore last night. We went to watch Iron Man.

Giordano V-neck sweater, black wide legged trousers, Zara grey oxfords, LV black speedy

2 said something:

  1. love the stripy jumper, i need to clear out my closet too, it getting ridiculas. ;)

  2. My closet is pretty small but I also have like 3 drawers for basics. I like the striped top.



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