countdown to bora

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  1. AH! Lucky. I love boracay (L). I'm going to cebu and bohol this summer :). (I don't live in the philippines so I don't get to go to great beaches all the time. Since Canada's beaches...well suck.)

  2. Its raining so hard in Bora. Its not nice anymore. Anyhow, enjoy your trip! I hope the weather will be sunny again when you visit.

  3. nv: don't feel bad. cebu & bohol's beaches are superb too! just went to cebu last month. haven't been to bohol though. hehehe. yeah philippine beaches are wonderful. one reason why i love living in the philippines. it's always beach season. :)

    -annabanana-: oh gosh! i really really do hope that it would be sunny this weekend over there.



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