dinner with friends


My sister is wearing my clothes! Hehehe. She's not into fashion & dressing up. You'll usually see her in t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. So sometimes I dress her in my clothes for fun. She's my very own living barbie doll! ;)

Outfit deets:
Me: Tyler black & white shirt, black straw hat, Mango white shorts, Nine West heels, black oversized clutch
My sister: Giordano black jacket, +-x÷ grey dress, Zara black cap toe oxfords
My boyfriend: Topman shirt, Giordano Concepts white slip-ons

7 said something:

  1. i love your outfit! the hat and the shoes are great!

  2. you're actually the FIRST blogger ive seen in blogspot from the phils., and i was DYING (of loneliness? not!) ~haha! :)

    nice outfit? is ur profile right? ur 27? but u look so cuuttte and soo young!! :):):)

  3. pammish: hahaha. i reckon there are quite a number of filipino bloggers around here. i'll add you to my links! :)

  4. Those heels are great!!!!!

    love your blog btw, would love to exchange links! What about you?;)

  5. ms-mojo-rising: thank you! sure i'll add you to my blog list! :)

  6. love your nine west shoes so much! hehe.



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