geeky glasses

Giordano black tee, Zara high waist wide leg jeans, vintage belt, Zara sandals, Giordano black bag, vintage glasses

Last night I remembered that I bought these cheapo vintage glasses at a summer bazaar a couple years ago. I went looking for it and found them. Hahaha. I took the glasses out because they were scratched out like hell. Looking at these pics I look like someone from the 70's. It's so cool!

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  1. I like that look, I tried it out too but I can't do it too much since I'm so short and I'm still getting used to heels. Yeah the oxford flat shoes looked a little small so I might get a size up too.

  2. nv: i used to wear runners/sneakers all the time when i was your age. as i grew up i learned how to wear high heels as i'm just too short. i'm only 5' flat. :)

  3. Lloyda: Great look on you! Love the silhouette esp. K

  4. cooool! i love the 70's look. very old fashion yet so stylish!

  5. K & helvetica: thank you so much dearies! :)

  6. Beautiful last picture. Sadly, I can't do a high waist, it's really not suiting me, but that jean is a wonder!



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