H&M opening?

Could it be true? there have been rumours going around the metro that big Swedish fashion retailer H&M will be opening their doors at our shores soon. I really don't know if it's true or not. Business is becoming more cut throat now as European brands started opening their stores here. Speaking of cheap & chic stores. I wonder if a real Forever21 would open here soon. Hopefully they would as they've stores at Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia already. Surely the Philippines must not be far behind?

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  1. I'm confused... are the Forever21 stores in the Philippines not authentic?

  2. ^Mau^: nope the stores here are not the authentic forever21 from the states. they just copied the name.

  3. in australia we dont have h&m, topshop, forever 21 or anything! i wish they would hurry up and open some cool stores here!

  4. OMG!!! I really hope they'd open an H&M branch here! I'm a die hard fan of their clothes! So much better than Zara! :)

  5. could it be true?? im actually excited to go home if that happens! :):):)

    do you know who's opening it? is it Bench group? as what ive heard? (was even thinking of franchising it *sigh)

    its weird eh cos hk and china dont have topshop, dorothy perkins group while we have :):):)

  6. pammish: from what i heard from the grapevine is that it's the sm group who are bringing them in. i'm not too sure if this is the truth as i've been hearing a lot of rumours of this and that who got the franchise of h&m here in manila. so we'll just wait and see if h&m really would be opening their store here. :)



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