life imitating tank

Zara printed tunic, Zara pink tinted denim shorts, white gladiator hi sandals, canvas tote

Whoohoo! I can't wait for next week! The boy & I will be going to Boracay over the weekend with friends. I so need the vacation. I can't wait! Powder white sand, crystal blue waters, a cold fruity shake, the smell of coconuts... ah bliss!!!

frame & background: Kimb's designs

5 said something:

  1. Wow!You are so lucky to go to the Boracay! And I must admit that I'm a bit jealous:) PS.Your tunic is crazy :D

  2. I know! I'm quite excited to be heading to the beach.


  3. hey! Love the blog...but i wanted to know...where did you get ur tall white gladiators in the top pic? They are awesome!

  4. pinklady: thanks! i got it from a local bazaar. they also got a brown pair but they ran out of my size. :( tall gladiator sandals are every where now. there are a lot on ebay. :)

  5. Looking good.. Gladiator sandals looks fabulous with mini dress, short shirts and capris. I have 3 pairs of gladiator sandals.



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