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I recently heard the news that boybands are currently reuniting for another go at their stardom. This made me think about how some people are inspired and influenced (in terms of dressing) by the music they listen to. Well, to tell you the truth I am not really one of these people. To begin with I am not really much of a music fan. I mean how one be influenced by cheesy boyband songs? Yes, I do admit I am a huge fan of boybands. I just ♥ them! I've been a boyband fan since I could remember. New Kids on the Block? Check. Take That? Yup. Boyzone? A huuuuge fan. Backstreet Boys? Uh huh. N'sync? I love them. Westlife? Yes. F4? Hotties! Hahaha. I still have their songs in my ipod and I can still dance some of their dance moves. I never really did out grew my love for boybands. So sue me for having horrid taste in music. I'm not ashamed to say it.

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  1. i must say, i am also not ashamed of admitting to boyband-love, especially with boyzone and nsync. haha.

    hey, you've been tagged!(:



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