what i wore today and yesterday

Fridays are always our dinner out and movie night with Friends. We went to watch "What Happens in Vegas". It's a funny movie. Cameron Diaz is starting to look old.

What I wore last night:
Grey ruffle top, white tank, Mango black linen shorts, Staccato black patent cut-out heels, Giordano black bag

What I wore today: Luella inspired!

Zara black blazer, Uniqlo tee, floral mini skirt, grunge boots, Giordano black bag

Today is the birthday of one of my closest friends. We're suppose to surprise her this morning but being me I arrived at the venue late. So I wasn't able to surprise her! Sigh. At the middle of the day I took off my jacket and substituted it with a vest. Summers are too hot to be wearing jackets if you're not indoors with air conditioning. Hahaha!

Topshop black vest, Uniqlo tee, floral mini skirt, grunge boots, Giordano black bag

4 said something:

  1. I love that Luella-inspired outfit. I'm actually working on a DIY floral skirt so that I can try it myself :) And you've reminded my why I'm craving combat boots!

  2. Unwise Pedestrian: combat boots! i recently found a couple of my old doc martens boots. i really really want a pink one though.

    Runaway Gallery: thank you!

  3. Both outfits are great! I love the simpleness of the first one and the playfulness of the second. The boots are great, I'm searching for some myself!



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