brown is an earthy color

Bench plaid vest, brown polka dot dress, H&M moccasin booties

5 said something:

  1. Hi Lloyda!

    I love your weekend outfits! I'll never pull-off stuff like yours... and may I say... you have such gorgeous shoes and dresses!! I love the vest too!

    Zara Shang left me sad, only hubby and the baby had much loot, all the sizes were 'L', so out of just-buying-something, I ended up with gladiators (which werent on sale..BOO!) and man-trousers... and then I didnt give up.., and went to Trinoma first thing the ff morning... then there was light!! And then little red credit card caught fire! hahahaha

    You should try Trinoma, I guess we have less competition there! hehe

  2. Love this outfit. The combo is great because of all the layers and the textures.

  3. super cute. i love the browns.(:

  4. again, love the wardrobe :) and mixmatch!

  5. I adore how the dress is shaped, the fullness.



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