the color of the day is pink

What I wore today:Vintage top, pink mini skirt, pink & gold sandals

My fiance & I went to check out a coutouriere/designer bridal showroom and we really like what we saw. I'm going to have my wedding gown & my whole entourage made by her! But first we need to submit a moodboard so that we (my fiance, me & the designer) could really conceptualize and understand what we really like for our wedding. I'm quite excited for my wedding already! To tell you the truth I really just want to dress up and feel like a queen! Hahaha! After the meeting we went to Salcedo Market to have lunch. It was scorching hot today but I say it's worth it! I got Phad Thai, iced green tea and lengua adobo. Yum! I saw this Chinese dimsum food cart but they ran out of the rice rolls I want to order. I love going to Salcedo market because they really do have a lot of great food over there that you'd just want o try everything out! If only Makati is not that far away from my place I'd definitely be here every weekend.

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