my wedding checklist

  1. Church - check - reservation fee paid
  2. Reception venue - check - reservation fee paid
  3. Gown designer (bride, 2 mothers & female entourage) - check - have a designer in mind already
  4. Suit for the groom & male entourage
  5. Videographer - check - reservation fee paid
  6. Photographers - check - reservation fee paid
  7. Caterer - check - need to choose menu & have a talk with the chef
  8. Florist
  9. Event Stylist
  10. Wedding coordinator
  11. Strings - check - reservation fee paid
  12. Band
  13. Drinks
  14. Souvenirs - check - photo booth reservation fee paid
  15. Car rental
  16. Mobile (Sounds & lights)
  17. Invitations
  18. AVP
  19. Cake
  20. Pre-nup/Engagement pictorial
  21. Gifts for the entourage & sponsors
  22. Cloth/Fabric for the principal sponsors
Have I forgotten anything?

10 said something:

  1. Don't forget to breath!

    ...and make sure that someone does the of my friends forgot to check and she had to stay after to help her family clean the place up!! Apparently the reception venue didn't provide that service.

    ...oh yeah, and don't forget to pick up some wedding night attire! :-)

  2. dont forget to give the groom a nice present for all his efforts. :)

  3. my dear anonymous. yikes! why should i give you a present? shouldn't it be the other way around? bleh!

  4. sorry for bothering you but may I ask u a question because my friends will buy me a zara shoes from oversea just like this one you wear : but I'm kind of confused about it's size if I usually wear us6 in nine west(only sandal or peep toe shoes)do I have to wear 36 or 37 in this zara heel??sorry I hope I didn't bother you and thank you

  5. ^ hi! i wear a size 5 to 6 at nine west depending on the shoes. i got size 36 for this particular pair. i compared the nine west sulliban (i got size 6 for that) with this and it's more or less the same length. i really do hope i get to answer your question. :)

  6. thank u so much I wear nine west 6 to 6.5 depending on the shoes too if I wear shoes like sandal or open toe shoes I usually buy us6,but these zara shoes is peep toe shoes so I just can't make decision what size should I chose~anyway thank you for your response it really helped me thank you

  7. by the way may I ask your jp size?it's 22.5 or 23??thank u so much and you're so friendly:)

  8. ^ You're very much welcome. I'm sorry but I've no idea what my jp size is. If it's any help I mostly buy size 35 shoes. My Converse (Chucks) are usually size 3 to 3.5. I buy size size 5.5 on Forever21 shoes. I really do hope you'll get to get the right size for the zara shoes! They are really wonderful.

  9. Hi! i saw a nice pair of white shoes from zara, its really really nice. ideal for out of the blue gifts for someone special!

  10. lloyda: sheesh! why are you using my name? bleh! what's my gift? :)



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