shopping ban

I am in a shopping ban for a month and boy is it hard or what?!? I mean, I promised that I won't go shopping and that's what I am doing. It's hard I tell you especially when you see a lot of really nice clothes & shoes (!!!) out there. I just came from the mall 'coz the fiance went to buy a new jacket & a pair of jeans from Zara. Whilst he was in the changing room I went to check out the F/W collection of Zara Woman & TRF. I saw a lot of stuff I want! Argh! I guess I just need to wait just a few more weeks and yeah I'll be able to go shopping again. Hahaha. I tell you there are a few things I love in life and one of them is shopping. ;P

4 said something:

  1. having your withdrawal symptoms na?
    paano yan, ill be opening a preorder of heeltown shoes soon. hehehe!

  2. haha! ohno...!! im also contemplating whether to BAN myself the moment i get home :( can just feel ur painnnn.. :( haha

  3. anna: ack! i hope when your preorder starts my shopping ban's finish. :)

    pam: yeah.... it's sooooo hard!

  4. tentative opening is on aug.1 :) hopefully, your shopping ban's finish.

    i'm sort of on a shopping ban too because i will be going to hongkong this aug. :D :D :D



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