stars are blind

What I wore today: Grey tee, stars one piece, hot pink tights, Nine West black sandals

Oh how I envy a lot of bloggers who get to score adorable clothes in thrift stores. I used to shop at thrift stores way back when I was still in school with my classmates. We would set a date to go on these shopping trips. It was great fun scouring musky dusty thrift stores and finding great gems hidden within. Now that I'm working I've got no time to go and check out thrift stores. It doesn't help that the parentals are very much against buying from these said stores. I don't know maybe because of the stigma that clothes found here are used and maybe you could get skin diseases from wearing these clothes. Well, maybe I should schedule a date to head out and check out thrift stores again. If I get some free time. ;)

10 said something:

  1. ah i really love this! :) the tee and skirt are awesome! :)

  2. love the outfit...especially the shoes!! is that the heech gladiator's from ninewest? I went to nine west today and told me they don't have the stock yet...dang!

  3. Im going to tell on mum!

  4. the teeeeee....where did u get it from?????

  5. hye. the outfit is awesome. something i would wear too.
    anyhow, i just post my first 'outfit' entry. do visit n comment.

    everyone else is also welcome =)

  6. thanks so much for the nice comments girls!

    iamFASHAHOLIC: nope those are not the heech sandals. i don't think we have heech here. :(

    diana: the tee i got from a local online store that import clothes from china. :)

    superumi: i'll go check out your blog!

  7. guess what! my dad and the bf said we look alike.
    the bf said, "who thot of bumpin into ur twin on n net"..

    haha =D

  8. superumi: hahaha really? it seems like i look like quite a lot of people. :) hey twin!

  9. I love this outfit! The pink tights are great!

  10. i've been meaning to comment on this since you posted it but haven't been able to (long story).

    anyway! i love going to ukays (as you are well aware of) and looking for those hidden gems.. it's always so fulfilling to find a perfect vintage dress for P100 or less! and i know what you mean about the stigma.. i even stopped going to ukays for a while when those rumors started and also during the sars scare. but i guess i couldn't resist it eventually. and if you get so paranoid about it, you can just wash your thrift finds like 5 times before using 'em!(:



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