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6 unimportant things about me:
1. I have the tendency to be an obsessive shopper when I like a particular item. For example right now I am obsessed with vests & high heeled oxfords. So whenever I am shopping these are the items I look for.
2. Even though I live in a tropical country (read: where it's always humid & hot!) I always buy jackets or cardigans and always carry one with me.
3. I am fascinated with serial killers, mass murderers and the likes. I even did a paper about them in high school.
4. I like listening to Chinese pop (Cantonese & Mandarin) even though I can't understand a thing!
5. I believe in God but don't believe in organized religion but I am a baptized Catholic and studied in a Catholic school all my life.
6. I am a 3rd generation Chinese living in the Philippines. I cannot speak, understand or read the language even if I studied it for 13 years. So sad, but true.

Tagging nobody 'coz it seems like everybody did this already.

5 said something:

  1. hahaha... I can totally relate with the compulsive shopping...

    But your fascination with serial killers amazes me! I think you're the only girl I know who's intrigued by them...but hey! There's nothing bad about that...

    BTW, I love the starry skirt!!

  2. me three! im a total compulsive shopper and i love it altho it leaves me with guilt from spending too much. kekeke.

  3. haha like ~p~, im amazed with ur fascination with serial killers! :) w/c school did u go to in college ? :>

    and of course, we can all relate with studying in chinese school and not learning chinese! haha

    #2 - same here. cos i have an infatuation that i will spend winter somewhere.. NOT!

    #4 - teehee! ilove rain, wang lee hom, jay chou, lee hyo ri, and MORE! i like u, what the hell are they saying??

  4. I heart chinese pop too! Although I can't understand it :)


  5. p: hahaha. yeah i don't know why i am interested with serial killers. i really just find them so fascinating.

    cotton candy: i know what you mean. the rush when going shopping is really something!

    pammish: i went to ua&p for 2 years then shifted to la salle college international. i listen to chinese pop more than i listen to opm or american/british music. hehehe.

    aj: chinese pop is the best!



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