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Well as you might have noticed I don't wear make-up. One reason behind it is I'm just plain lazy. I don't even comb my hair most of the times. But today I went to a professional make-up artist to have my trial hair & make-up done for my wedding. Yeah, I'm scouting for a wedding make-up artist. This afternoon I went to see Madge Lejano. I like her. Madge was telling me that she don't believe at having trial make-up done because each work is an art and one must not expect that she'll see the same style of make-up on her wedding day. Hehehe. She was asking me about who we got for our videographer & photographer. I told her our suppliers and she said that we got a fun bunch of people. I'm quite excited for the wedding actually even if it's still very far. Hahaha.

So, I showed the fiance some pics and he liked the outcome. We'll be seeing each other tonight for dinner so he'll be able to see the actual. We'll see what he'll say.

Black sequined top, black tank, yellow shorts, H&M skimmers

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  1. hi,
    are you a member of WeddingsAtWork? if not, i suggest you join that group. you will get a lot of tips :) I love Madge. Galing siya mag make-up :)

  2. bty, love your make-up. it's natural and your features were highlighted :) galing talaga ni madge :D

  3. hi anna! yup i'm a member of w@w. i'm just so lazy to go thru all the emails! super dami. i think i get like around 100 messages a day. i just usually browse thru them.

  4. Madge was my first choice but she had an operation when we were about to book her. So we got E.J. Litiatco who was also super nice and who did a great job for the prenups and the wedding day.. she did 2 different looks.. one was dramatic, the other one was light and "sweet-y" for the wedding day itself.

    Goodluck planning! Don't worry about all the hassle.. it will all be worth-it!!

    I love your hair and make-up!

  5. ah i love you in your pics{so freash



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