1, 2, buckle my shoe

I'm wearing my white tall gladiator sandals today. I think they are such a cute pair but such a nightmare to wear and take off! Good thing I've no plans on going shoe shopping today or else it would take me forever! You see you have to buckle each & every strap. These don't have zippers. Yup, you have to buckle the 10 straps!!!

Blue striped over sized tunic shirt, denim cut off shorts, white gladiator sandals

We are having a sample sale at the office for a couple of weeks now. I got myself a few items for the fiance & a couple of things for myself (mostly denim pants that I made into cut off shorts and jackets). Not so much because unfortunately I'm not a sample size. The girls in charge sweet talked me into getting this white distressed leather belt today. So I kinda incorporated it into my outfit. Took the fabric belt I was wearing awhile ago and made it into a neck bow.

Blue striped over sized tunic shirt, denim cut off shorts, white gladiator sandals, white leather belt

6 said something:

  1. Haha, I never really though how difficult those gladiators must be to take off! At least they look gorgeous on though :)

  2. it's so pretty. pero nakakatamad....hehe! ^^

  3. that's a really cute tunic!

  4. ooh, i like the fabric belt better as a neck bow (of course, i'm completely biased to all kinds of bows, but still!). and you always look so comfy and chic talaga. totally, effortlessly cool.(:

  5. Unwise Pedestrian: ahahah! so true! it's such a hassle to put on & take off. the things we do for fashion eh?

    anna: yeah nga! this is one of my white sandals kaya i wear them. i don't think i have a lot of white sandals. hmmm... :]

    msf: oh i work for giordano. :]

    jo: thanks! i love oversized shirt dresses.

    bestie: awww... thanks dear!



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