for the love of sarouel pants

Thank goodness that I can find sarouel pants (harem style aka the MC Hammer pants) again! There are loads right now at Zara. I got the dear fiance to buy me 2 pairs today. So far I have 4 pairs not counting my 2 old ones I got loooong time ago in Hong Kong (though those are missing... I reckon got eaten by my wild & messy closet. Hehehe.)

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  1. HI Lloyda!!

    I still am not sure when.. it all depends on how things will turn out in the next week, am waiting for some consultants to arrive for a project.. aaargh I MISS HOME!

    I loved your CHINA outfits! How was it?? Hubby and I absolutely adore China! Lucky girl!

    Love harem pants too... but I'm not sure how they'll end up looking on me though... I know you'll look SO CUTE in them!!



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