for sheerness sake

Beige sheer top, Mango white shorts, white wedge shoes, camel bag

Let me tell you something. I really really want something different for my pre-nup pictures! My idea is our pictures to look something out from a fashion magazine. You know like a fashion spread? I'm not too keen on having those lovey-dovey couple pictures that you see most on pre-nup pics. Hehehehe. Also I don't also like having the same outfit or colour themed outfits with my fiance. That's too corny, IMO! Well, this afternoon my friends & I went to visit Puey Quinones. I had a cocktail dress made. It's beige, short and made out of jersey. I'm excited to see what it would look like when it's finish. We'll be having our fitting on the 22nd unfortunately I won't be here 'coz I'm going to China for a conference. So I'll just go to have my fitting when I get back. Ah! I need more designers for the gowns & dresses I'm going to have made for my pre-nups. Hahaha. This wedding thing is becoming really expensive. We have loads of stuff we want to include but we need to stick to our budget!

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  1. this is why i'm dreading ever getting married... so many decisions to be made, and a budget to stick to! but hey, you're doing everything in style, as far as i can tell! and you know, the fashion spread idea's fab -- i also hate those corny matchy-matchy pre-nup photos.(:

    i LOVE your wedges. where'd you get them?

  2. looove the first shirt! so freaking great.

  3. bestie: hahaha! i know! weddings are really expensive! :( from the food to the clothes. sigh.

    the wedges i got from ebay. :)

    richel: hey! thanks!!!

  4. Beautiful top - looks great on you, too!

  5. I love the shoes!!! I am afraid of white shoes cause I will be so upset if they turn grey or geti dirty :(

  6. hi! love your shoes. ;) i have been searching like forever for a style like this. is it from a local brand in pinas? too cool. :)

    and the fashion spread thingy is a real good idea. you should do it like carrie in satc. haha!

  7. couture carrie: thank you. :)

    yiqin: ah that's one reason why i don't wear my white shoes when i know i'm going some place muddy. ;)

    modejunkie: hey hey! i'll link you okay. a fellow pinay. i love your blog. i got the shoes from ebay. i haven't found a pair like this here in manila yet.



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