a full week of clothes

As you might have noticed I've been gone for a week. Well I was in China for a conference and it was so tiring. As soon as I get in my room I hit the sack. I haven't got much to say really. So let's just see the outfits I wore. Hehehe. I'll post my shopping haul during the weekend whern I'm not too lazy to take pictures. :)

Zara long cardi, off white tiered dress, lame leggings, Converse sneakers

Zara TRf top, khaki shirt, converse sneakers

Uniqlo tank, Zara long cardi, Giordano shorts, Giordano Concepts slip-ons

H&M hat, H&M grey romper, Zara black blazer, grey socks, H&M black wedge oxfords

Terranova stripes cardigan, black tee, cut off shorts, Keds sneakers

6 said something:

  1. i like both of the stripes cardi. but the first one is the fave!

  2. missed your blog! hehe!

    i love the first and the second to the last outfit.

    bty: the heeltown shoes, they changed stocks again. so naorder ko lang are the boots.

  3. You are so cute! I think the first look is my favourite!

  4. Hi Lloyda!

    Great to see you back! Btw, I also have the same Zara victorian-ish top :)


  5. ALL your outfits are awesome. and i am so envious of the fact that you get to travel abroad for work! argh.

    oh, and i think the terranova cardi made my heart stop a little..

  6. i think this is just the best . the heeltown shoes r just the one ..i own a copule and im pruod t be associatted with thm



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