heading out for some hotpot

B&W cardigan, Zara TRF tunic tank, grey pleated dress, grey socks, vintage black oxfords, leather bag

Note my loose clothing? Woohoo! The fiance & I are heading out to eat hotpot later after work. Hehehe. I'm going to pig out tonight you see, I simply love hotpot. My fave hotpot place is Green Maris at Greenhills. Right now they have this eat all you can hot pot special. We'll be trying it out for the first time tonight. I can't wait!!!

5 said something:

  1. sweet looking shoes!
    I love your style!
    I tagged you ;)

  2. this is really cute!! love the socks :) hehehe

  3. i was just about to do a post about all that loose airy clothes i've been wearing this week because of the food i've stuffing my face with!! love your cheery top (:

  4. inabeena: thanks! :)

    superumi: sure thing! i'll add you to my links.

    pam: ah! thanks so much dear! the socks serves a purpose i can't wear this particular shoes without socks or else my feet will have deep cuts from the shoes sharp edges. ;)

    jo: hahaha. yeah loose clothings are great when you've been pigging out for weeks!



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