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I accompanied my mum last Friday and we ended up at Zara for a short shopping trip. I ended up with a pair of new black strappy platform sandals and she got this long stripes cardigan which I'm definitely going to steal from her. I saw loads of great stuff at Zara but we were strapped for time as my dad's waiting for mum (they have a party to go to) & I to meet up with friends for our Friday movie night.

Ah, another pair of shoes to add to my collection. I know that I do have a lot of shoes. I can't help it. I'm quite scared to do those shoe posts. I'm afraid to see how much shoes I've acquired.

What I wore Friday:
Animal print tunic, lamé stirrup leggings, white studded sandals

I changed my shoes and added a jacket for the evening. It's really cold in movie theatres, mind you. Oh and I finally got those lovely Aldo platforms that's really popular with bloggers. :) I've been lusting over those for such a long time and I was so happy that we have them here in our local Aldo shops. I also like these white wedge pair there. I'm thinking of getting them when budget permits. I know I really love shoes. I love them more than I love bags. Do you know that I usually notice a person's shoes first? I can't help it. It's like I just zone in to their feet. And like check out those great or not so great shoes! Hahaha.

Giordano black jacket, animal print tunic, lamé stirrup leggings, Aldo black platforms

What I wore Saturday:
Oversize plaid shirt, denim cut offs, black vinatge belt, black strappy flats

Today's the fiance's dad's birthday. We had a Japanese dinner at their place. I had sushi, ebi tempura, chicken teriyaki, gindara teriyaki and friend rice. Hahaha. Yeah I do eat a lot all the time. I love food! :) Oh and I also got to watch the movie "August Rush" today. I love it! It's such a nice movie. I even cried at the end. I'm such a cry baby.

What I wore Sunday:
Giordano blazer, Guess tank, white lace tee, vintage skirt, BCBGirls sandals, Giordano belt, tan bag

14 said something:

  1. I bought a pair of nice printed pointys :D Yay I love your studded sandals & the zebra dress is awesome! You look great :)

  2. OH dear!!! i HATE you! :) ur so well-dressed EVERYDAY, while im acting REALLY lazy and "manang" the past few days! :(

    i've been eyeing that zara shoes for some quite time now (and saw the aldo sale on rockwell).. BUT i promise not to buy until next month! (i havent worn my shoes in my closet here since... forever!) :)

    but but, thanks for inspiring me! ur always looking great! and u shud go to the bazaar! (yes, im an evil temptress!)

  3. I really like your way of wearing the lame leggins! And I also love the last look. You're a great dresser!

  4. Hey!

    Oh my goodness! I agree with Pam! You are so well-dressed! I'm acting really laid back (I think I'm swearing business attires off my system once I get back to Manila...aargh!) on weekends.. which is the only time I get to "dress-up"...


  5. aahhhh....i've been eyeing that Zara come you got it fiiiirrsstt?? arrgghhh

  6. I love the outfits! And those new shoes are amazing.

  7. hi
    how was your day?
    i liked your blog
    you are fantastic!!!

    really nice blog
    fabulous fantastic

  8. hey :) the aldo shoes are soo cool. and love your outfits.

    i love shoes more that purses too and it's not weird to notice one's shoes first. i do it all the time. cant help it.

    of course i'd love to trade links!

  9. yiqin: thanks dear! oh do post your new shoes! :)

    pam: hahaha. naku i dress manang when i'm really lazy to dress up too. ah i read that you're going to hongkong next month save your shopping there nalang!!!

    nadine: thank you. ou're so nice to say that.

    p: ah business attires are evil! hahaha. shoes are my love!

    diana: hahaha. those heels are really lovely aren't they? i was suppose to get a pair of boots but decided to get these instead.

    Unwise Pedestrian: thanks so much! yeah they are really lovely.

    rohit: hi & thanks!

    modejunkie: shoe lovers unite!!! hehehe.

  10. love the shoes!!! i'm also on the look out for those chunky strappy shoes but to no avail. been to zara but i didn't see them :(


  12. anonymous: hey there! i got the leggings in hongkong. you can search ebay though. i did remember seeing some there.

  13. You always dress so well. You're such an inspiration! :-)

    can you really wear coats and jackets in the philippines? I was there last year and it was blazing hot!

  14. hi. where did you purchase your lame leggings?
    thank you!



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