shoes, shoes, lovely shoes

I whipped out the camera and took pictures of the shoes I got from my trip. I know that they may not be the best quality shoes but I like them that way. I still don't have that much money to spend on designer goods. I mean who would complain on getting a US$12 pair of trendy shoes that you'll probably get tired of wearing in a couple of months? Hehehe. Not me! I'll splurge when I get to earn heaps loads of money.

Tan 3 strap boot pumps

Black wedge oxfords from H&M

Black strap tie-up flats

Pirate black patent lace-ups from Zara

Gold sandal boots

Brown fringe sandals

Brown lace-up shoes

and my fave buy (on sale)!
White tie-up wedge pumps from Tsumori Chisato

I really really do love & adore shoes. I have the tendency to buy them more than I buy any other fashion items. i know I only have 2 feet. But I can't help it. Shoes are my love. They are so pretty to look at though even sometimes they hurt like hell. Hahaha.

13 said something:

  1. bought all those shoooeeesssss???? give me one...just one pair lloyda....:D

  2. those are lovely! I especially love the 1st and 3rd one.

  3. same reaction: OH... MY... GOD.
    you're insane:D
    those shoes are beyond awesome!
    i'm so envious.

  4. love the fringe sandals and th sandal boots. i have the h&m oxfords in gray! cool buys. :) where were u? hk?

  5. Oh my goodness!! I love all of them! The sandal boots, the fringe one and the one with lots of straps are so NICE!!! Where in China did you go??

  6. holy macaroni!!!

    seriously, they are all LOVE. love love love. i can't decide which one i like best! hmm, but the first one's calling out to me, i think.. i've been looking for a similar pair for ages. manila just doesn't have it, i swear.):

    i guess china's the answer then..

  7. Lovely selection!

    I personally love the gold sandal boots and fringe boots!

    Where did you buy 'em?

  8. wah...i love everything!!!! i wanna go back to hk ASAP!

  9. diana: hahaha. i swear whenever i go to ongkong. i go crazy buying shoes!

    mai: thanks dear!

    yenn-ish: thanks! i'm happy with what i got.

    modejunkie: yup. bought all these shoes in hongkong. made a short stopover there for a few days of shopping after the tiring week in china. :)

    P: we went to guandong, china. but made all my shopping in hongkong.

    bestie: yeah, we don't have much selection here. most of the shoes i see here are ballet flats. thank god for the stylish shoe shops that carry cool shoes sometimes ie. aldo, nine west et al.

    stylishpariah: hongkong! if only i have never ending money i would have bought more!

    anna: i know! i want to go back too! but you got to buy tons when you went to hk as well.

  10. HOLYMOLY. Those are all from Hong Kong?? And they're not at all expensive?? I'd better book a flight to HK now!!!

  11. straps, fringe, lace-ups, tie-ups... i love them all!

  12. I love all the shoes! Averagely how much were they? :) And which part of HK? 'Cause I am planning a trip there soon! :D

  13. revel in me: hey! the ones i got in mongkok are less than HK$150.



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