one, black, two, white

Hehehe... same pose different day.

H&M purple cardigan, yellow tee, black culottes, Nine West black Dtucks, H&M floppy hat

G2000pink white dress, vintage brown belt, brown oxfords

5 said something:

  1. that dress looks very crisp and pretty

  2. Hello
    Quick question: are the Nine West shoes comfy? I'm about to buy them online and couldn't find a review anywhere.
    Thank you
    Also, wow, you love shoes more than I do :D

  3. ^ They are quite comfy for me. :) It maybe 'coz I am used to wearing high heels and such. :) Though I don't stay on my feet and walk with them that much. Sorry if I'm such a bad reviewer. Hope in some ways I was able to answer your question.



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