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My Giordano Concepts polka dot blazer

Giordano Concepts gray blazer, Giordano Concepts white tee, Giordano black loose pants, Celine beige bag, black high heeled oxfords, star necklace

I love musicals. I really do! So whenever there are musicals showing I make it a point to watch it. Today I went to watch “West Side Story”. I enjoyed the show and the set was amazing! :) After the musical mum took us shopping! So yey! I got myself a pair of red plaid pants & black star elastic waisted belt from Zara TRF.

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  1. such a great elegant look! I love this much.

  2. i love the polka dot blazer. i was planning to get it too, but ran out of cash ;p but there was only in black n white over here, none in grey. sigh!

  3. ohhh i like your blazer! do we have a giordano concepts store here in manila?

  4. Fantastic blazer! I assume it's from HK? I haven't seen a Giordano concepts store in Manila yet.

  5. Fruchtzwerg: thanks!

    superumi: ah i love the white version of this jacket too. :)

    Mrs. C: nope. We do not have giordano concepts store in manila yet.

    M: you're right! I got this blazer in Hong Kong.

  6. those black wide leg pants stole my heart! Forget about the polka dot blazer! gimme the pants! :X

  7. kpriss: yep! these pants are hot! what's even hotter is i got them for free. :)

  8. Brilliant look. I love the proportions of the outfit! Well done :)



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