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What I wore last Saturday:
Zara b&w stripes dress, Topshop bow belt, Monica Fig sandals

I know I'm kinda neglecting my blog these past few days. I've been busy with work now that a new project is handed to me. I'm actually looking for an assistant. How cool is that?!? I'll get an assistant! I really do hope we'll get to find one soon because I don't think I'll be handle all the work!

5 said something:

  1. can i apply as your asst? heheheh

  2. Wow! Great dress. And i love love love those shoes! I was thinking if I should go and buy myself one.. hmmm. And may I ask, what exactly will the job be for your asst? :)

  3. aahh, i love the look !!!!!
    you always do great in fashion.
    love the stripy dress and your shoes! great !

  4. ah, and i linked you in my blog, hope you don't mind :D



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