tuxedo time

One great thing about being petite is getting to buy clothes from the pre-teens & children's section. Granted that I do get to run into kids wearing the same clothes I'm wearing but at least we look cute! Hahahaha.

Topshop white shirt, black tuxedo shorts w/ stirrups, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, two toned flats, black socks

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  1. and i always envied my petite friends, cos like u, they can buy from the cutie section! :) u look so cute! haha

  2. oh god i miss my former (bordering on skinny) body because i fit in clothes from the kid's section which is equivalent to more clothing options! *jealous* cute outfit!:)

    btw, i put up a new blog here in blogspot. please do change my fashiolution link to fashionminded.blogspot.com


  3. LOVE THE SHOES? where on earth did you get them? :O

  4. yeah, i'm the same! i am soooo grateful i can fit into kids clothes because often they are much cheaper and you get more options. btw, i love your blog, it's fabulous.

  5. I love this!
    Looks kind of like a dress I bought at H&M.
    Awesome blog.

  6. nice outfit...the tux style looks great on you.



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