a deep purple feeling

Let me tell you something when I like a particular item I have the tendency to buy a lot of it. I am loving loose drop crotch, MC hammer, sarouel, balloon, harem pants as of the moment and I think I have maybe around 8 pairs of these type of pants. Hehehe. But yeah, as you might have noticed that I don’t wear them, let me tell you the crazy thing is I can’t find them in my room! I know they are hidden beneath my pile of clothes.

We are moving house next year so I’ve kinda lost the energy to keep my room & closet tidy. I’m so looking forward to a bigger closet space. I’ll be given a room of my own. I’m sharing rooms with my younger sister and I reckon our closet space is not enough for the both of us.

Purple dress (worn as a top), Giordano Ladies charcoal grey crop trousers, black sandals, black shoulder bag

3 said something:

  1. love the dc pants. can't find my perfect pair. hmp!

  2. hi lloyda,

    i need to ask you about something. could you care to email me at selfmadeskirt@gmail.com

    really appreciate it =)

  3. soooo cute :) wehehehe.. i wish u were my achie!



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