grey gingham dress

I declare my love for anything gingham, babydolls & platforms. So that's how I came up what I'm going to wear today. Never mind the fact that I just tripped over the stairs a few days ago because of my damn shoes and also for me not looking where I'm suppose to. Hahahaha.

Though I must confess I really do hate wearing peeptoes. They usually hurt my feet, they just look too cute for me not to keep on buying them.

Grey gingham dress, black platform wedge peeptoe

4 said something:

  1. whoa you tripped on the stairs?=S ooh, i saw those shoes too! very cute! been complimenting on the silver ones but ended up buying an entirely different stiletto pair. now that i'm seeing cute...

  2. Wow. Where'd you get those shoes?? Super nice! Great outfit!:)



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