imelda in the making

Have I professed my love for shoes? I love them and can't get enough of them. If I have sufficient funds I'll buy a pair or two everyday! Hahahaha.

6 said something:

  1. not gonna happen my dear. :)

  2. Oh if I don't stop myself I'll be your 2nd placer!! heehee... I totally can relate.. shoes nowadays are becoming prettier... adn prettier... it's so hard to resist the URGE!

    re your comment: I know right?? I was wearing typical stuff just put toghether.. in vivid hues... and then they pop! tsk tsk

  3. Hay nako I just saw your past posts and -- and may I say.. ang daya mo you look so cute in bright tights!!! I have tons of colored tights which i CANNOT even wear because I fear I might end up looking like a mascot! teeeheee!!!

    And where did you get your PVC leggings??

  4. hahaha! ur becoming imdeldiffic! :) oohh.. thank God, i no longer work in the corp world, or go out as often, or i'd be a slave for shoes too!! boo my boring life.. but do make me jealous! hahahaha!! xoxo

  5. cHECk HOTTALOTTA.BLOGSPOT.COM diana rikasari be there in my blog. She battle with susie from style bubble send u'r comment after see her picture in my blog. by the way i'm tara

  6. you've already beaten Imelda, lloyda :)



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