sweet orange sky

I attended two birthday celebrations today. One for lunch (my mum’s birthday celebration) and one for dinner (my friends daughter’s 1st birthday). And at both parties I stuffed myself crazy! Hahaha. I really do love holiday season because there’s always tons of parties to go to. Parties are fun fun fun!

Oh and one happy note: I was able to trick the fiance into buying me a pair of this two toned jazz shoes from Topshop! Hahaha! Am I good or what?!? ;)

G2000 orange top, Uniqlo grey tank, Zara grey pants, Forever21 black shoes

2 said something:

  1. Love it! It looks so relaxed and comfy! Perfect for summer (which I'm having now)

  2. hi! thanks for visiting my blog because you led me here! i looove your fashion sense.

    i know you'd keep it up. ;)



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