the first day of 2009

So the first day of 2009 has come & gone just like that but I'm looking forward to 2009. I think everyone is doing their new year's resolutions but let me tell you I am not great in keeping my new year's resolutions at all. Most of the time I break them by the first week! Hahaha.

1. work hard: I need to help out and start taking work seriously.
2. wake up early: I need to stop going to work late. Even though I'm in flexi time doesn't mean I don't need to be at the office by 9.
3. save!: I really really need to stop my impulsive buying.
4. eat less & healthy & exercise: Stop my binge eating and start eating proper food not junk food. And go to the gym every week.
5. utilize my clothes: I have a lot of clothes and I must wear them more than once!!!
6. keep my room & closet tidy: This one is going to be really hard but hopefully I'll be able to do this when we move house in a few months.

Giordano red jacket, black tank, Moonshine white tulle skirt, alice+olivia for Payless red booties, Gucci black bag


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