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I know I know! I'm such a bad blogger that I've been neglecting my blog. Anyway, it's Sale season here in Manila right now. I haven't really gone shopping much and no new goodies to show. Maybe this sale season is not for me. I'm sad that the shopping gods have abandoned me but maybe they are just giving me a break. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'll just post my outfits these past few days.

Zara black blazer, Giordano tee, Mango grey denim shorts, black flats

Denim cropped jacket, multi-striped tunic shirt, black leggings, blue flats, Chanel black satchel

Black & white dress, lace socks, white lace-up oxfords

Black pea coat, Uniqlo black&white stripes tee, black pencil skirt, Giordano Concepts sneakers, Chanel satchel

Bysi white sleeveless blazer beige tent dress, vintage black belt, vintage Cole Haan loafers


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