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I often envy people living in other countries where they can wear whatever they want and nobody bats an eyelash. In our country it's a different thing. People tend to stare, make snide & snarky comments or laugh when someone is wearing something out of the norm. We do not have a healthy street fashion going on here. I mean when your public transportation & security sucks like ours. You wouldn't be caught dead wearing short skirts, blings & what knots. I don't know. You also need to dress up appropriately when going to the different malls! One can dress wildly in Rockwell me thinks but definitely not in Mega Mall. I think it all boils down to the demographics of the place one goes to.

Giordano Concepts cardigan, b&w stripes tank, hairbow pinned at tank, Initial navy johdpurs pants, b&w heeled oxfords


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