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Lately I've been going crazy over organic beauty products. Thanks to my sister she gave me a bunch for my birthday. I ordered them myself, she just gave me money to buy them. Hahaha. Here are the stuff I got from two companies: By Nature & Human Heart Nature. Both companies claims to be using natural organic products. I sincerely hope that they really do.

By Nature Soaps in Very Oatmeal, Cocoa Butter Melt, Olive Beauty & Golden Honey Oats
I haven't opened any of the soaps yet as I am still finishing my Unscented Dove soap.

By Nature Balm of Butter
I love this. It's kinda greasy but makes my skin oh so soft. I use this alternately with Human Heart Nature body butter. I'm kinda obsessed with anything cocoa butter for my tummy as I don't want any stretch marks! :P

Human Heart Nature facial scrub & facial wash
I haven't tried the facial wash yet but the facial scrub is great but I don't like the smell! It smells like some Chinese medicine.

Human Heart Nature body butter
Though there are great reviews on their mango & strawberry scented variants I ordered the unscented one. I like it unscented. This makes my skin soft and it's not greasy at all.

Human Heart Nature body scrub
Haven't tried both but love love the smell! Pina colada and the other lemongrass. I can't wait to try this. Hmmmmm, maybe tomorrow.

Human Heart shampoo & conditioner
I simply adore the smell of mandarin on my hair. I've been using this product for only a couple of days so Ihave no idea if it made my hair shiny or what but so far I'm loving it. Hopefully it won't give me back acne as most commercial shampoo & conditioner do.


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