black & summer do not mix, but who cares?!?

I know I should stop wearing black during summer but I can't help it because:
  1. most of my clothes are in the black, white & grey colour palette
  2. almost the only clothes that can fit me now are black the black ones!
  3. and I feel like a huge blimp in bright or light coloured clothes. 
I'd try to look for clothes that will be more suitable summery colours though. I shall raid my mum and aunt's closet soon. ;)

Mango striped dress, F21 strappy shoes

1 said something:

  1. Oh my gosh, five years and I'm still a huge fan of your style! I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your blogspot! :D *Omg, hope I didn't sound stalker-ish O_O* Yeah. Hi Lloyda~ Justine here, we used to be LJ/fruits friends, hoho. ^^



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