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The husband & I went to Tokyo last week as our over due honeymoon. Crazy huh? Honeymoon even if we have a little boy on the way. Tokyo is such a clean and cute city. As one of my good friend recently said. It's the land of cuteness and I totally agree. They got tons of cute stuff over there! Too bad though that I wasn't able to shop as much as I want 'coz I cannot fit into the clothes. Never mind then, I shall go back there for sure!

Photo of my one outfit when it wasn't raining. Tokyo Disneyland is so nice! It's where dreams come true. Hahaha.

Boater hat, Zara stripes jacket, black dress w/ frills, Juan black tight high boots

6 said something:

  1. you are so adorable!!! and such a pretty and chic mommy to be!! :D

  2. Thanks! We linked you back :)

    The outfit you're wearing looks real cool. You look like you'd totally fit in over there!

  3. Tokyo Disneyland looks amazing! Not as packed as I imagined though. And that blazer of yours, simply amazing. I love the sharpness of it and the horizontal lines together!

  4. lloyda!!! =) are you back na? if you find a bowler hat in H&M please please get 2 for me and kookie.. hihih.. we will pay you back! hahah

    thanks sooo much! hope you had fun!

  5. HAHAH!! I didn't know!!! it's ok babe =)

  6. Wow!!! Tokyo is the place to be! I love Tokyo! Havent been to Disneyland though! You look so so awesome in that stripe blazer!



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