pop of red

This morning I've decided that I'd wear my red drummer boy jacket with my stripes jersey dress but our very hot weather got a different idea. So off the jacket goes and my vintage clogs. Would you believe that I got these clogs since high school? I've always been a huge fan of platforms ever since. I guess it's because of my height. I've always wanted to be taller so I just resort to shoes that would help add a little height. ;)

H&M red jacket, stripes dress, H&M belt, vintage clogs

metallic oversized bag, stripes dress, H&M belt, black flat studded boots, random bangles

6 said something:

  1. This is such a cute outfit, I love the belt

  2. hey girl,
    how come you're running around in high heels when you're preggy???
    take care,

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  4. aww... really really love your red military jacket!! very cool...
    love your stripes dress too, where do you buy it? nice belts.. =)

  5. That red military jacket looks cool with the stripes.

    Just wanted to drop by and leave a comment. Been a fan of your blog since the mystylediary days. Haha :)


    A plus B



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