stripes on you

Outfit was inspired by all the chic girls in Tokyo. But instead of looking chic... I think I look like a blimp! Hahaha. I reckon I am getting pretty bloated now. I'm going in my 7th month in a couple of weeks. The doctor said to expect a weight gain of 1lbs. per week!!! Yikes! Must start cutting down my sugar and salt intake too! Sigh... there goes my ice cream! :(

Blue & white stripes dress from Japan
Giordano blue & white stripes bag
H&M metallic blue oversize hair bow
black geek glasses

2 said something:

  1. you're an adorable and chic mom-to-be!! aaww.. :D

  2. Yep, I can see that you are still inspired by Tokyo. That is a cool maxi dress though-and I don't even like maxi dresses. This one is less hippie-ish than most.

    How did you bear it in the heat though? :)

    B from A plus B



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