bunny-licious or toothache head?

What do you think of my bunny ears?!?! I got the headband in Japan. I think they are cute. The husband on the otherhand thinks I look like someone who got a toothache. Hehehe. Silly him eh?

Nothing much I can do with my clothes so right now I'm kinda obsessing on accessories.

blue oversize stripes shirt
Giordano stripes bag
Keds white plimsolls
denim bunny ears headband

Oh I got my NYX lipstick haul today. I'm not really a make-up junkie or anything, in fact I don't know how to put them on but I wanna try my hand into this beauty thingie since I'm not getting any younger. I need some help in the beauty department. Hahaha!

I got mostly pinks & reds.

3 said something:

  1. You are so absolutely adorable and I'm so glad you've started blogging again!

  2. Super-cute blog <3
    If you have the tine, be sure to check mine out too - I also have a makeup and accessories giveaway going on, so have a look at that too ;)))

    Have a great day

  3. where do you get your NYX make up?




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