chicken & then some

Spent the whole day cleaning out my closet and well I'm still not done. Hahaha. I have to stop by around 5pm ciz my back was killing me by that time and well we have dinner & movie night out with friends. I had yummy grilled chicken at Peri-Peri. Nomnomnom. Then watched "The A-Team". I can't remember the TV series from the 80's though I do remember Mr.T! Hahaha. I think we used to have his action figure.

Summer's almost over so it's time to bring out the boots, hats, and jackets for it's rainy season. Hoping that we won't have much typhoons coz I'm not sure if we are cut out for such weather. Remembering what happened last year during Ondoy & others. :(

black bowler hat
glasses necklace
zebra print cardigan
Uniqlo black tank top
Gingersnaps black maternity shorts!!!
Marc by Marc Jacobs b&w tote
Dr. Martens white boots

10 said something:

  1. Aww, must be a hard job cleaning out your closet but I'm sure you'll be very relieved once its done
    Love this look, your boots are so cool

  2. you are so adorable!!!! you always look so fun and happy!!! i love your cardigan/sweater and boots! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. really love your boots :D
    anyway, mind to exchange link?

  4. i've always been a fan of yours...i know this is so late, but congrats for your wedding and pregnancy...soooooooooooooooooooo happy for you! :)

  5. hey..ur beatiful..
    nice outfit ^^

  6. I watched A Team too! It was so action packed. I was so stunned in the beginning that there was already so much happening straight away. It was tiring to just watch. Haha!

    As always, you are the most stylin' mommy to be, Lloyda!

  7. i want your white DM's!!!:) Wish I can find one somewhere. Heee. And where did you buy your hat? Can't find any shops selling those. :c your cardigan's awesome too:)



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