drapes and whatknots

Wearing my "uniform" again because I was suppose to go the store to check out the new items we are releasing today but our shop manager was absent so we decided not to go anymore. I totally love this draped skirt from Giordano Ladies. I love how the fabric feels and drapes on me plus it's perfect for my baby bump! I got this skirt 2 sizes bigger than usual with the plans of wearing it as a dress too. I reckon it would also look great as a dress. :)

Giordano Ladies black cardigan
black & white stripes tank
Giordano Ladies black matt jersey skirt
Giordano Ladies gold brogues

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  1. oh my, i totally amazed that you still look fab even when you're pregnant. you're going to be a stylish mom!

  2. Those shoes are lovely! And you're looking good with the baby bump! Wish I'd look like that when I have a baby!!


  3. those gold shoes look so dandy!!! and i love how the skirt falls and envelops your baby bump. it's actually flattering!

  4. really nice way of showing off that baby bump!!! yay!!! you're blooming!! :D oh.. and i terribly miss giordano.. they have the best collared shirts ever!!

    Animated Confessions

  5. just came across your blog, how exciting, i remember when i was pregnant.

    love your blog and your fashion sense. im a follower

  6. omg, the gold brogues are to die for. i have been searching for one for like forever. can you email me with the price babe, maybe my sister can buy it for me! LOL
    the skirt is amazing too! wow giordano has been stepping up their game, no?


  7. i love the brogues and the skirt looks so amazing on you.



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