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Decided to wear my floral jumpsuit today 'coz I realized that if I postpone it I might not fit into them anymore! Yeah the tummy is really getting bigger now but the funny thing is when people ask me how far I am and I answer that I'm already in my 7th month. They would exclaim that my tummy is quite small! So yeah, I dunno, I suppose it's normal 'coz I was never big in the first place. Heee...

I just came back from a baby shower for my friend. She's also having a baby boy! It's funny coz all my friends are having baby boys this year. Maybe this year is a baby boy year? I suppose it's better 'coz they say since it's the year of the tiger and it's not really nice to have a baby girl born during the year of the tiger 'coz they will be strong minded and hard to deal with. I suppose a strong minded boy is better than a strong minded girl for the Chinese?!?! Hahahaha...

YRYS off white boater hat
Details floral jumpsuit
beige heeled lace-up brogues
Longchamp Le Pliage Rosalie tote

4 said something:

  1. This jumper is seriously adorable and fun! I could never pull it off but you look so cute and summery in it. Especially with the hat!

    Out of curiosity, do you read other bloggers who are pregnant at the moment? I love reading Jenloveskev :)

  2. you are so so cute!!! :D i adore that jumpsuit on you!! :D great styled with the glasses, hat and oxfords! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. love your floral jumpsuit babe! ;) and yay for baby boys!


  4. i love the jumper! oh you look so cute, lloyda dear!



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